• Tuned Nissan GT-R vs. ESMotor tuned 997.2 Turbo S vs. stock BMW F90 M5 Competition

      It is no secret this network does not hold Carwow and their 'testing' in high esteem but as they have access to an airstrip they continue to get cars to do acceleration comparisons with. This time around the BMW F90 M5 Competition faces some stout competition.

      The GT-R and 911 Turbo are not exactly direct rivals for the M5 but what they happen to be is all wheel drive, turbocharged, and easy to tune. The main difference of course is that the are lighter than the M5 and feature dual clutch transmissions.

      The M5 is the heaviest of the trio but also has the largest motor with the 4.4 liter S63TU2 V8. It is in Competition trim meaning it has BMW's factory warrantied tune.

      The GT-R is tuned as well but by Litchfield and well known Porsche tuner ESMotor tuned the 997.2 Turbo S.

      Off the line the GT-R gets ahead of everyone by some margin. The 997.2 Turbo S is charging hard and by the finish line it is pulling much, much harder. The F90 M5 is left in the dust.

      This should mean the Turbo S dominates the rolling race followed by the GT-R and M5. That is what happens.

      The GT-R for whatever reason starts in third gear which allows the BMW M5's torque advantage to keep it close while the 911 pulls easily away from them both.

      Want to make this interesting Carwow? Give the M5 an aftermarket tune and start the rolling racing in 2nd gear.

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        Well, at least they started the rolling race in manual this time. Maybe they’re learning Click here to enlarge