• CES Motorsport single turbo E92 335i crashes into a Nissan GT-R while drag racing

      This is an unfortunate part of racing as accidents do happen. This is why you take it to the track though where medical personnel and safety precautions are in place. Even if you take every precaution a tire can still blow out and you can still hit the person in the lane next to you.

      It looks like a tire let go past 100 miles per hour here and the CES Motorsport E92 335i unfortunately took out the Nissan GT-R next to it.

      Fortunately, everyone walked away and nobody else was hurt and no innocent bystander was hit.

      This is simply a part of racing.

      Quote Originally Posted by CES Motorspot
      Well she got sent. Not the end result we were looking for though... After running flawlessly in both the 1/4 roll and 1/4 dig events both days at sct zmax this past weekend with over 8 or 9 passes down the track, the car somehow went sideways on the backend of the 1/4 mile in 2nd round eliminations and ended up right into competitor car and then the wall at about 130mph. Luckily he and I both walked away unharmed. Wish him all the best and obviously sincerest of apologies. This is never something you want to have happen and a first for us in the 20+ years we have been racing bmws. Tried what I could to save her but she let go too fast and momentum did the rest. It's just part of racing unfortunately sometimes when we push these cars to the limits. Last pass of the night was a 1.8s 60 ft time and 7.1 sec 1/8th at almost 104 mph on par to be a high ten second pass in the mid 130's which would have knocked us out of the 11.0 index but ultimately shows just what the CES Garrett Gen2 single turbo kit is capable of at the 700whp setting on the stock motor. A special thank you to the CES /Eurompire crew, the Zmax staff, Quantum towing and everyone else for all the support and who came out to check on us and get everything sorted, and once again our best wishes to the other driver and car. We will be back to race another day!
      You live to race another day.

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        SJ_1989 -
        Aaaaannnnddd that's why I caged my car....that really sucks for both parties though.
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        Payam@BMS -
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        blaster3500 -
        Wow, I hate to see this! I watched the car run earlier in the day. This must have happened shortly after I left. Glad everyone is ok.
      1. C5LS6_CLS55's Avatar
        C5LS6_CLS55 -
        I wonder how everything is going to workout with Insurances
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        blaster3500 -
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        I wonder how everything is going to workout with Insurances
        Unless they had track insurance nothing is going to happen.
      1. Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
        Tony@VargasTurboTech -
        This is exactly what our shop car did just turned left for no reason at the end of the run. Thanksfully I was ahead of the car, he was able to avoid us, and I saved the car. No idea why this happened, but it looks so similar to what our car did with much worse results. Bummer
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by blaster3500 Click here to enlarge
        Unless they had track insurance nothing is going to happen.
        good point.

        Track Insurance is not liability insurance. It will only cover the repairs to your own vehicle and not the other vehicle that you contacted or that contacted you; that is the other vehicle owner's responsibility.

        What we protect:

        • (1) Your personal vehicle against damage while participating in an HPDE event
        • (2) Your car while on the track and in the paddock
        • (3) Physical damage to your vehicle incurred by you, one additional driver (if pre-approved), and your driving instructor.
        • (4) Note: Liability insurance coverage is not included.
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        rileyg -
        This is painful to watch. That was a beautiful car.
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        ///MPOSTER -
        Wow that is really unfortunate. The bmw seemed to stop immediately but wowzers did the GTR spin like crazy.
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        maxnix -
        Interesting that the 335i apparently was ahead.

        Glad all are safe. Was there debris on the track?
      1. Jeffman's Avatar
        Jeffman -
        Was it definitely a tire blowout? Hard to tell on the video. Could it have been the diff?