• The Shop Houston billet Nissan GT-R VR38DETT engine block - $14,849

      It must be nice to be one of the Nissan GT-R guys. The aftermarket has solution after solution available for big horsepower builds. Check out this billet block from The Shop Houston available for what is a reasonable $14,849.

      Obviously you need to add other parts and if going with a stroker crank to increase displacement and other options things can add up in a hurry:

      If you want something that will hold 2000+ horsepower though these billet blocks are a godsend.

      Quote Originally Posted by The Shop
      Our billet VR38 block was not only designed to easily withstand 2,500 whp, but it is also available to the masses at an extremely affordable price. With our billet block’s extreme rigidity and strength, you can now worry less about your cylinders sealing and concentrate more on enjoying your GTR. Our billet block is crafted using aerospace-grade aluminum and is cut using the latest 5-axis CNC machines. The TSH billet block is a two piece system. The block mates to the included billet girdle with your choice of main studs.

      After crafting the block, it gets put into the hands of Tim Lynch of LynchMob Racing, our exclusive engine assembler for VR38s. Tim will then have custom TSH LMR-spec sleeves installed that look beefy enough to drop a grenade inside! Next, Tim will build and assemble the 3.8 or 4.1L displacement short block with a rotating assembly to the specifications of your liking. You will get to choose between crank manufacturers, rod manufacturers/materials, wrist pins and more!

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