• Doc Race Nissan 370Z VQ37 single turbo kit dyno results - 566 rwhp

      Doc Race started developing a turbo kit for the VQ37 3.7 liter V6 under the hood of the Nissan 370Z earlier this year. Their development was fairly quick with great updates throughout the process. The final product looks absolutely stellar.

      It also puts up numbers. They hit 566 rear wheel horsepower with the smallest turbocharger that they offer:

      The torque curve does drop right when the motor hit peak horsepower at around 5700 rpm so maybe that is the turbo running out of breath.

      Kit specs:

      • Fully ceramic coated stainless steel exhaust parts to protect against heat
      • 2.5 Powder coated charge pipes
      • Dual Tial MVS wastegates to control boost
      • Low mounted wastegates for easy access
      • FMIC with dual outlets to each throttle body
      • 50mm Tial BOV
      • V-band Garrett Turbo for easy install
      • Exhaust connection to factory catback
      • Turbo blanket, header wrap, and other heat management parts included
      • All oil and coolant lines included

      Turbo options and pricing:

      Garrett GTW3476JB (aka GTW5857JB) Journal Bearing 500hp- $4495
      Garrett GTW3684JB (aka GTW6262JB) Journal Bearing 600hp- $4495
      Garrett GTW3884JB (aka GTW6265JB), 62mm Journal 625hp- $4595
      Garrett GTW3884JB (aka GTW6465JB), 64mm Journal 700hp- $4595
      Garrett GTW3884JB (aka GTW6765JB), 67mm Journal 800hp- $4695
      Garrett GTW3476R (aka GTW5857R) Ball Bearing 500hp- $4995
      Garrett GTW3684R (aka GTW6262R) Ball Bearing 600hp- $4995
      Garrett GTW3884R (aka GTW6265R), 62mm Ball Bearing 625hp- $5095
      Garrett GTW3884R (aka GTW6465R), 64mm Ball Bearing 700hp- $5195
      Garrett GTW3884R (aka GTW6765R), 67mm Ball Bearing 800hp- $5295

      Kit deliveries are expected next month.

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